What's the best way to make money online 2018 - Wealthy Affiliate

What’s The Best Way To Make Money Online 2018 – Wealthy Affiliate

Probably the number one question I am asked when talking about Affiliate Marketing is “What’s the best way to make money online?” 

That’s a hard question.  The answers ultimately depend on the person asking the question.

How Do You Want To Make Money Online?

There are many ways for the affiliate marketer to make money online!  Just look at any website and you will see multiple methods being used.  Just look at social media platforms and you’ll see multiple methods for making money online!

The good news is…

All methods pretty much can be broken down into 2 broad methodologies:

  1. Specific Affiliate Marketing of one platform, brand or product e.g. Amazon marketing
  2. Niche Affiliate Marketing – offering a greater product base within a narrowly defined niche market e.g. Natural Health

With this in mind, when asked what’s the best way to make money online, my answer is simple – Wealthy Affiliate.

For those of you who have yet to determine your online business focus and for those who want to learn the steps for successful affiliate marketing there is simply no better platform or system.

What’s The Best Way To Make Money Online 2018 – Wealthy Affiliate

The best thing about the Wealthy Affiliate platform is that it is designed in such a way that regardless of your current knowledge you will learn the most up to date and relevant methods.

As soon as you join, and joining is FREE, it thoroughly covers all the information you need in a ‘step by step’ lesson series.

Included within your membership are training programs for both specific affiliate marketing and niche affiliate marketing.

The training courses provide a huge variety of written and video tutorials. All that is required of you is to follow the lessons, implement the learning and see your online affiliate marketing business boom!

The tutorials will guide you through the steps required to determine the focus for your business, how to set up your website, how to write content which generates business, how to research keywords, how to make the most of social media and much more.

What's the best way to make money online 2018 wealthy affiliate

How Do I know It Works?

I know it works because it is the platform that I started with in 2014.  And the platform I still belong to. The Wealthy Affiliate program was my saving grace online.   I had wasted much money on all sorts of online business scams.  I had wasted hours of time with other programs that promised I would be able to build a business and that promised to show me what’s the best way to make money online.

All of them were scams. They took my money and made other people rich!

Then I found Wealthy Affiliate!

Now I run 4 successful affiliate marketing websites and I make money online!  Wealthy Affiliate training launched my online presence and allowed me to become very successful.

I recommend it because I know it works!

Let’s Get Started – Wealthy Affiliate 2018

Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

Once you have registered as a member of Wealthy Affiliate you can begin with the Online Entrepreneur Certification.

This training program has 5 progressive levels.  Each level includes 10 simple to follow lessons and includes over 170 different mini tasks to perform.  By completing these tasks you are well on your way to creating a profitable and lasting online business.

The beauty of the Online Entrepreneur Certification course is that it is perfect for those who are venturing into the online business world for the first time, while being equally valuable for the professional and more experienced marketer.

This course is designed for those who have a specific niche chosen in which to build an online business. It is also perfect for those who want build a niche marketing business but are unsure of the niche they want to choose.  the initial steps will help guide you through deciding the perfect niche which will allow you to make money online.

what's the best way to make money online 2018 wealthy affiliate

Affiliate Bootcamp

Affiliate Bootcamp is a specific affiliate marketing course.  This course is perfect for the beginning affiliate marketer.  It will guide you with step by step video based training on how to build your own successful online brand by promoting the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Affiliate Bootcamp has 7 training levels to work through and includes over 200 different tasks to complete.

The beauty of the affiliate bootcamp is that once you have applied the training to promote Wealthy Affiliate you can use the exact steps to build other online businesses and promote any other platform of your choice – Amazon, EBay, AliExpress etc.

what's the best way to make money online 2018 wealthy affiliate

Access Live Video Classes

Every week members can access live video classes and webinars that cover current affiliate marketing and online money making topics to help you take your business to the next level.   If you are unavailable for the live web classes they are available anytime in the ‘live training’ section of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  You can watch these at anytime you wish.

Visual Text Based and Video training

When you join the Wealthy Affiliate community you have instant access to community support.  You will find access to the many Wealthy Affiliate experienced marketers who are constantly creating both written and video training on different subjects that can help on your journey.

You will also gain instant access my training and to me personally.   If you join Wealthy Affiliate I will be happy to guide you personally as you build your business.

Here’s an example of the training you gain access to.  Click here to view training on Reddit.


What's the best way to make money online 2018

Amazing 24/7 Support

Wealthy Affiliate offers support which is second to none.  Regardless of the issue you face or the question you want answered you will always get help and expert advice within minutes, no matter which Time Zone you live in…

Round The Clock Technical Assistance

Site Support consists of an expert team of people constantly working behind the scenes every day. Site Support promptly reply to all technical queries and almost instantly rectify any cpanel, database, ftp or other technical problems you may have.

Time To Get Started!

What’s the best way to make money online 2018 – Wealthy Affiliate

You can start straight away and build a free website in under 1 minute…


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